Based on modern MEMS technology The isCompass is a magnetic multishot instrument for borehole surveying based on modern MEMS technology. It is fully integrated in its own brass running gear, requiring little set-up in the field. Wireless in operation, the tool utilizes infrared communication with a rugged handheld field computer. isCompass is powered by standard C battery cells and will operate for more than 100 hours on seven batteries, which can be changed by the operator. Data is transferred from the handheld control unit to another computer using a standard USB memory. The system can be run in both single and multishot modes.

Download isCompass product sheet.

isCompass specifications The tool outputs standard survey data, such as recorded station depth, inclination, azimuth, gravity highside, magnetic toolface, temperature and more. The magnetometers have been calibrated with high precision and the tool will deliver a reading of the magnitude of the local magnetic field which can be used to detect anomalies in the local Earth magnetic field to identify survey stations of low quality. Local magnetic declination and start coordinates can also be set directly in the handheld unit. The OD of the fully-integrated running gear is 35 mm and the system is supplied with three aluminum extension rods to allow the operator to get the gear through and away from the drill bit.

isCompass - control and processing  The isCompass is delivered with a rugged handheld computer, the Nautiz X5, running Windows Mobile 6.1. All operations and downloaded data are processed by the computer and can be viewed directly on the handheld device. Quality measurements of survey stations are also provided.

Multishot or Singleshot option   The isCompass is available in multishot and singleshot versions.


Landing Collar
Landing collar with adapters in sizes B, N and H.
Extension rods
Aluminium extension rods of 1 meter length.
isCompass Software
isCompass software runs on the Handheld Nautiz X5 computer. Supplied free with every isCompass.
isAnalysis Software
Software to visualize, edit, correct, group and export survey data.
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