Inertial Sensing offers a range of heat shields suited for use with our series of gyro survey products. These are designed by our distributor MS Energy Services and are manufactured in Houston, Texas.

In addition to this we offer a range of accessories from MS Energy Services for standard e-line, slick line and drop gyro configurations:

  • blade centralizers
  • finger guide subs
  • wireline swivel
  • optical/laser scope
  • GPS alignment systems
  • landing plate
  • orienting sub
  • PCC spear point
  • PCC over shot
  • and more…

The temperature ratings stated in the specifications (see descriptions to the right) assume a continuous downhole temperature of 350 F directly from the start of the survey and for the stated internal power consumption. In many cases the wellbore temperature profile is more modest and the downhole time is much longer than the specified hours.

The SlimGyro and Twin Gyro can be initialized in ultra-low power sleep mode to wake up after a preset number of hours. This can be used to further decrease internal heat production and increase downhole time.

In many cases we can accomodate higher temperatures and pressure depending on wellbore conditions. Please make contact with Inertial Sensing if you have non standard requirements.

Standard Heatshield
Diameter: 1¾” Pressure: 22,000 psi Temp: 12 hr @ 0.4 W Temp: 14 hr @ 0.2 W
Heatshield 1.5 inch
Diameter: 1 ½” Pressure: 7,500 psi Temp: 4 hr @ 0.4 W
SlimGyro Heatshield
Diameter: 1 1/5” Pressure: 15,000 psi Temp: 4 hr @ 0.2 W
Surveyor Software
Surveyor is the new software for continuous and multi-shot gyro surveys. Free with all our gyros.
isAnalysis Software
Software to visualize, edit, correct, group and export survey data.
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