Inertial Sensing

Grand Paris Metro Project

Our tools are continually breaking new ground.

Precise surveys of geotechnical boreholes for civil engineering projects is a key application for our gyros. The SlimGyro is being used in a project to extend the Paris Metro underground system as part of the Grand Paris program. New metro stations are being built and the excavations are enormous with potential for ground subsidence in residential areas around the construction sites. New metro tunnels are excavated, with hundreds of boreholes drilled for subsidence compensation, pipe umbrellas and ground freezing. They require highly accurate knowledge of the trajectory to ensure they follow their planned path. Borehole deviation could lead to untreated ground which in the worst case would result in a catastrophic sinkhole on the surface.

The SlimGyro together with centralizers and push rods is ideal for borehole surveying in such a project. It is the slimmest gyro in the world capable of getting into small diameter rods but also suitable for larger boreholes. It's unique light weight ensures safe handling in elevated and confined positions under the tunnel roof.

We are proud in association with Gyro-Services Switzerland to be helping in a small way to safely expand public transportation network in Paris.