TwinGyro Testimonial

"In December 2019, OilWell Guidance acquired a fleet of TwinGyros manufactured by Inertial Sensing. Shortly thereafter OWG began offering gyro survey services to the Texas market. Right from the start we were excited about the redundancy that the TwinGyro tool provided. But what was most pleasing was how easily our people with no gyro experience were able to learn how to use the tool successfully. Those two things contributed to OWG being able to enter and grow in the local market.

A great example is our customer Lauson Drilling. Lauson is a very well-run company who offer turnkey services to their customers. In early 2021 they gave OWG the opportunity to survey one of their wells using the TwinGyro. That success led to many more including two successful back-to-back wells we surveyed for them on September 18th and 19th, 2022. Lauson Drilling and our other clients have all been pleased with the TwinGyro's performance and OWG's service. We are expecting 2023 to be another year of growth thanks to our people's dedicated hard work and the excellent tools from Inertial Sensing."

Kelsey Long
Director of Operations
Oilwell Guidance Trajectory Services

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