BlastGyro Testimonial

"In 2017, RPZC [Rosh Pinah Zinc Corporation] embarked on a journey to start measuring production rings and raise easer holes to make informed decisions prior to blasting. This enabled RPZC to not just save money and time, but it minimised secondary processes post blasting. RPZC maintains a very high standard of safety and the instrument needed to comply with these standards if it was to be used on our operation.

RPZC identified and later purchased the BlastGyro system from Inertial Sensing in 2017 and the same instrument is still in use today, being utilised on a regular basis throughout the month. The tool is rugged and sturdy, yet it maintains a high standard and degree of accuracy throughout the survey process, complemented by the easy-to-use interface and processing capabilities.The ease of use makes the training process less cumbersome for new operators and speeds up the production environment due to the fast-learning curve.

It has become an integral part of the survey office equipment and contributes immensely to our striving for a safe and productive environment when conducting a survey task."

Gerhard Louw
Senior Mine Surveyor
Trevali RPZC

TwinGyro Testimonial