SlimTwin released


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Announcing the release of the SlimTwin gyro system, taking our revolutionary rugged miniature gyro systems to an all new level. Not only have we reduced the definition of true gyro slimness to an unbeatable 25mm diameter, we have also included two independent gyros to give two surveys per run with survey QA/QC in half the time. The first in on our new line of technology, the SlimTwin is fully integrated and eliminates the need to endlessly open and close running gear to retrieve the gyro or change battery. Features include:

  • 25mm diameter, unbeatable genuine slim design
  • Two independent gyros in one
  • Fully integrated, no more endlessly breaking open running gear to retrieve the gyro
  • Lightweight, compact and ultra-rugged
  • Days of surveying on one charge of the integrated battery
  • All standard survey modes plus new features
  • Fast continuous surveys compatible with a range of common depth counters
  • Refined data processing

The system is ideal for all borehole survey applications where a gyro is called for. The unique 25mm design is genuinely slim, no other gyro comes close in size, performance or versatility. Demand the best, get the Inertial advantage.