The BlastGyro™ is a unique survey system designed for efficient surveying of production blast holes. At the heart of the system is the world’s slimmest survey gyro the integrated SlimGyro. Released in 2018 and updated in 2022 it now has a length of 140 cm, an outer diameter of only 25 mm and a weight of 3 kg.

The lightweight and compact size of the system makes it safe and easy to manually run in and out of blast holes using a feeder reel fitted with 50 or 100 meters of fiberglass rod. The BlastGyro can survey at all angles and the fiberglass rod assures it can be moved up, down and horizontally.


To make it easy to survey a large series of holes the software has a dedicated “BlastGyro Mode”. One or more survey plans can be prepared with reference coordinates and directions at the office before going on location to survey. Once on location the operator can load the planned group of surveys with preset blast ring ID, hole ID s with associated start coordinates and reference angles. This mode of operation removes most of the data entry operations when starting each survey and makes repetitive surveying of a blast ring or vertical section very efficient and error free.

Apart from blast holes the BlastGyro is also ideal for use in injection holes, grout and jet grout holes, canopy tubes, pilot holes, pile holes and more.