Simply go survey!

The fully integrated GoGyro is designed for simple and easy everyday use, no matter what the application. The user interface is slimmed down to the bare necessities to get the GoGyro in the hole as quickly as possible with the least fuss in setting up the surveys.

Available in three standard configurations for the most common applications:

  • core retriever
  • wireline
  • centralizers

Every configuration is based around the standard GoGyro tool and the accessories are easily switched between units if necessary.

The GoGyro is fully integrated with a built-in rechargeable battery. Communication is via Bluetooth through the pressure barrel, with no opening and closing of the tool required between surveys.

With its extremely low power consumption the GoGyro can survey for up to 100 hours on a single battery charge. No special pre- or post-survey procedures are necessary to get into the hole. The simple set-up saves valuable site-time and potential sources of human error are significantly reduced. The modular design of the tool minimizes repair times and cost. 

Core retriever

Standard configurations

Core retriever
In the core retriever configuration the tool is equipped with an overshot to latch on to the core barrel and enable surveying while coring. A range of collars in sizes including B, N, H and NTW are available.

In the wireline configuration the 35 mm tool is equipped with a bottom shock-absorber and is ideal for surveys of holes that do not have a vertical section.

In the centralizer configuration the tool is fitted with centralizers to allow surveying of vertical and near vertical holes. Standard centralizer sizes are 2" to 16", but custom sizes are available in many cases.

All current versions of Inertial Sensing gyros can run in both standard multi-shot mode as well as fast continuous survey mode. Data from a continuous survey can easily be reprocessed to any required station interval.