Oil & gas accessories

Standard accessories

A variety of high-quality accessories needed for use in slickline, E-line and dropgyro applications include:

  • blade centralizers
  • finger guide subs
  • wireline swivel
  • optical/laser scope
  • GPS alignment systems
  • landing plate
  • orienting sub
  • PCC spear point
  • PCC over shot

Oil and gas pad
Heatshield assembley


For oil & gas, geothermal and hot mining applications a heatshield is required. We supply a range of heatshields custom designed for our gyro survey tools. We use only the highest quality products from National K Works. Standard configurations:

Configuration Pressure rating Temperature rating (350F, 180C)
1.75” 22,000 PSI TwinGyro, 12 hours
1.5” 7,500 PSI TwinGyro, 4 hours
1.2” 15,000 PSI SlimGyro, 4 hours


The Mazac Smart Aligner is a lightweight and smartphone enabled drill rig GPS alignment solution for surface applications. The Smart Aligner has a compact design, great performance, multiple configurations and is the smartest solution to align a surface drill rig.

Mazac SmartAligner
Encoder to USB converter

Encoder to USB converter

The Encoder to USB Converter is a converter kit for connecting an existing standard industrial encoder to Inertial Sensing's Surveyor software. It converts the encoder output to USB data for use with continuous mode gyro surveys.