The world’s slimmest gyro.    

The SlimTwin is the world’s slimmest rate gyro survey instrument. Fully integrated with a diameter of only 25 mm it offers a truly unique two-gyros-in-one ultra-slim package.
With its extremely low power consumption the tool can survey for up to 50 hours on a single battery charge. No special pre- or post-survey procedures are necessary to get into the hole. The simple set-up saves valuable site-time and potential sources of human error are significantly reduced. The modular design of the tool minimizes repair times and cost.
All current versions of Inertial Sensing gyros can run in both standard multi-shot mode as well as fast continuous survey mode. Data from a continuous survey can easily be reprocessed to any required station interval.

Integrated Gyro case


The SlimTwin is also available as a single-gyro version in the same fully integrated 25mm configuration. The SlimGyro has the same high performance as the SlimTwin but features an extended battery charge of 100 hours.