About us

Our goal is to create modern surveying technology that will give our customers a competitive edge.

Dag and Duncan

Borehole surveying systems: In-house expertise
Inertial Sensing One AB was founded in 2010 by business partners Dag Billger and Duncan McLeod. The fact that we have all the experience necessary in-house to develop, manufacture and service borehole surveying systems makes us virtually unique.
Our in-house expertise combined with extensive field experience with surveying products makes us the ideal business partner for our distributors, and a source of inspiration and support for our end-customers.

Specialists in inertial micro-sensor systems (MEMS)
Together, Dag Billger and Duncan McLeod have more than 40 years experience of developing commercial positioning and tracking systems.

Our specialty is applications of inertial micro-sensor systems (MEMS), with a strong focus on wellbore survey instruments. We have solid experience of working with a wide range of applications including: Mining, Oil and Gas, Geotechnical and Civil Engineering.