Latest MEMS sensor technology 

Inertial Sensing's gyro and magnetic surveying systems are suitable for a range of applications in mineral exploration and geotechnical surveying operations. We utilize the latest MEMS sensor technology to ensure our systems are rugged and able to withstand the harsh conditions of borehole surveying.

Gyro technology, unaffected by magnetic disturbances

Our gyro technology is a highly accurate solution for in-rod surveys as well as open hole applications where magnetic disturbances can occur. The data processing software for the isGyro includes high-end navigation processing systems. These make it the perfect match for requirements when surveying boreholes which start off vertical or close to vertical.

Mining & Geotechnical

Magnetic surveying systems 

Where there are no magnetic anomalies or disturbances in the local geologic formations, our magnetic surveying tool, the isCompass, provides an excellent complement to our gyro system.